How to turn old bottles into vases

Are those empty bottles and Mason jars starting to pile up in the corner of your kitchen? And do you need some new vases to brighten things up around the house? Great! We've come up with three DIY tips for turning old bottles into impressive vases in no time...

1. Spray paint and masking tape

You'll need:

Depending on your preference, stick down masking tape around the glass once or several times (for the zebra stripe effect). Then spray on the paint, leave it to dry, and remove the tape. Simple — now you have a wonderful decorative vase for your living room table.

For this hack, and also for hack 3, make sure that there's no residue on the outside of the glass. Otherwise, the paint will start to peel off.

2. Liquid glue and cord

You'll need:

  • cord in a color of your choosing
  • liquid glue

First make sure that the cord is long enough to be wrapped around the entire glass.

Start at the bottom of the glass as you slowly apply the glue and stick down the cord. Again, the choice is yours: you can either cover the entire glass with cord or leave some parts of the glass uncovered.

3. Hot glue and paint

You'll need:

You'll need a steady hand for this hack, but you can also let your imagination run wild. Use the hot glue gun to write something or create a design on the glass. Once the glue has dried, paint the entire bottle. Classy!

It's best to try out all three techniques to experiment with different designs. All you now need is something to fill your beautiful vases with for that final decorative touch.


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