Spooky DIY Venus Flytrap Candy Bowl

Jack-o'-lanterns with glowing faces, ghosts made out of white sheets haunting the halls of your home, startling spiderwebs hung up left & right – Halloween is just around the corner! And that also means that it's the perfect time for you to try out some spooky arts & crafts projects to help decorate your home. Sure, carving pumpkins is a classic way to celebrate the Halloween season, but this year, maybe it's time to get a little more creative and give this DIY Venus flytrap candy bowl a try. It's a fun & easy craft project with a spine-tingling result. Trick-or-treaters might be tempted by the candy waiting for them inside the bowl, but they'll probably have to think twice before sticking their hand into this flesh-eating plant's mouth!

You'll Need:

  • 3 styrofoam pumpkins, various sizes
  • craft knife
  • paint
  • artificial leaves
  • wire
  • modeling clay
  • green crepe paper
  • tape
  • hot glue gun
  • hooks
  • candy

Here's How:

1. Use a craft knife to cut the styrofoam pumpkins so that they look like Venus flytraps, making sure to carve out lots of sharp teeth.

2. Paint the cut styrofoam pumpkins to look like a Venus flytrap monster – we used green, teal, and blue for the exterior; bright pink for inside its mouth; and white for its teeth.

3. Bend a large wire so that it looks like a winding stem, and cover it in modeling clay. Attach the artificial leaves to the stem by inserting them into the modeling clay.

4. Wrap crepe paper around the stem in order to cover the modeling play, then secure it in place with tape.

5. Remove the stem from the large styrofoam pumpkin and use a hot glue gun to glue the new green stem to the Venus flytrap's head. Attach the smaller painted pumpkins to the green stem using tape, then paint over the exposed tape with green paint. Insert a hook into the large styrofoam head of the Venus flytrap, hang it up, and fill its mouth with sweet treats for trick-or-treaters!

This DIY candy bowl is an original, spooky way to decorate your home or yard for Halloween. The candy inside its mouth might look inviting, but who knows? Its mouth might snap shut, after all! 

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