How to use fabric softener to remove old wallpaper

Anyone who has ever done any home renovations will know just how much of a nightmare this can be. It's time for some new wallpaper or switching to a coat of paint and that means the old stuff has to be taken off. When this is the case, you can usually look forward to hours upon hours of scraping, scratching and peeling. It's not a fun task and anyone who gets stuck doing it is always thankful for any kind of hint or tip that can make the work faster and easier — and here's a trick that will do just that! All you need are a couple of things you probably already have at home.

First find an empty spray bottle (e.g. bathroom or window cleaner). Fill one half with fabric softener.

Now fill the other half with warm water from the faucet and screw the top back on the full bottle.

And you're ready to go. Spray generous amounts of the mix on places where the wallpaper won't come off easily.

Let it soak in for a while and you'll soon see that the wallpaper peels off the wall with ease.

If you find that you have very large areas where the wallpaper won't come off, you can pour the mix into a paint tray...

...and use a roller to apply it. When the mix has soaked in and the effect starts to work, you'll notice that the wallpaper almost falls off the wall on its own. Amazing!

Who would have thought that such a tricky problem could have such an easy solution? So forget all those overpriced products at the hardware store because this trick will help you save your fingernails, your nerves and some money. It's a quick and easy way to end this home renovation nightmare and start having fun with decorating again!


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