Eye-catcher: Turn a watering can into an illusion for your garden

Every year when winter finally comes to an end and everything is blooming back to life, it's time to start thinking about what to do in your yard or garden. Will it be the same old thing, or is it time to try something a bit different?

Along with choosing some plants to brighten up your private green areas, you can also consider some decorations. A few carefully placed pieces can give your yard a real rustic look and create a pleasant atmosphere. Here's an idea for a decorative object that also offers a neat optical illusion to spice things up...

You'll need:

  • a watering can
  • a long, thin, hooked rod
  • a glass garland like this


Here's how:

Basically all you have to do is secure the garland to the spout of the watering can. To do this, spread one of the rings of the garland and hook it into two holes in the spout.


Now stick the rod in the ground and hang the can on it. An old-fashioned metal can looks much better than a cheap plastic one. That's all there is to it!


From a distance you can hardly see the rod against the backdrop of foliage. The can appears to be floating in mid air!


The hanging glass garland creates the effect of water pouring from the can!


When your neighbors catch a glimpse of this nifty decoration, they'll be rubbing their eyes in disbelief at the sight of a can pouring water that looks like it's frozen in time. It's a really easy way to make your garden one-of-kind this year. Try it out!




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