The Perfect Winter Trick: De-Ice Your Car Windows In Seconds

A common and avoidable cause of many car accidents in winter is an icy windshield. When the view out the window is obstructed, drivers can't see all the other traffic on the road.  But the reality is, spending 10 minutes scraping off your car windows on a freezing cold winter morning is not a pleasant way to start the day.  The good news is, there's a solution to this common problem. Check out this simple trick and save yourself a lot of time and effort the next time you wake up to a car coated in frost!

You'll Need:

  • water
  • rubbing alcohol
  • spray bottle

Here's How:

1. Making the mix is very easy: simply fill the spray bottle one-third full with water.

2. Now fill the rest of the bottle with rubbing alcohol.

3. Now screw on the spray top, shake it thoroughly, and you're ready to go!

That icy windshield won't stand a chance! Have fun with your new magic spray.

From now on, when you start to feel a nip in the air, you can simply prepare some of this amazing solution and keep it in your glove box. And next time it'll be you, and not Jack Frost, who gets the last laugh!


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