Make Wonderful Winter Accessories From Old Sweaters

Has your favorite sweater seen better days and is now sporting a few unsightly holes? It'd be a real shame to throw the old pullover out, especially since it has such a great winter-themed design. But there's no need! Find out how you can transform your sweater into other items of clothing for the winter!

You'll Need:

  • an old sweater
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

Here's How:

  1. To make the gloves, first trace out the contours of your hands on the sweater. Next, cut out the shape you've created on both the front and back of the sweater, sew the pieces of fabric together along the edges, and turn the gloves inside out so that the stitch work is on the inside.
  2. To make the hat, first turn the sweater inside out. Now place another hat on top of the sweater, ensuring that it is flush with the hem of the sweater — this is your guide for tracing out the shape of the hat. Cut out the front and back of the sweater and sew the two pieces together.
  3. To make the leg warmers, simply cut off the sleeves and sew a hem on the cut off ends.
  4. Trace out the contours for the headband on the fabric and cut out the shape on the front and back of the sweater as in the previous examples. Sew the two pieces of fabric together on the left and right along the edges.

So now you have a nice pair of gloves, some leg warmers, a hat, and a headband — what a great way to reuse your old sweater and stay warm this winter!


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