6 Great Table Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Want to wow your guests this Christmas? Let's start by laying the table...


1. Place Cards

Tie three candy canes together so that they can be used as a stand for place cards.

2. Snowmen

Arrange the plates and cutlery into a snowman by using the larger plate as its belly and placing a smaller one above it to form the head. An unfolded napkin then serves as the scarf while a square-shaped black napkin with knife can be used as the hat.

The fork and spoon represent the arms while blueberries can be used as the eyes and buttons. A small piece of carrot functions as the nose.

3. Table Centerpiece

Place three figures and a small Christmas tree on a plate, sprinkle decorative snow around them, cover the figures with upturned wine glasses, and place tea lights on top of the glasses. That's all you need to magic up a wonderful dining table centerpiece.

4. Christmas Tree

Fold a large green napkin as shown in the video. Use a cinnamon stick to create a stump and a skewer to attach a star at the top. It's almost a shame that you'll be using this beautiful Christmas tree napkin to wipe your mouth!

5. Christmas Stocking

Cutlery is usually rolled up in a napkin and placed on the plate. But on the big day, you can use little Christmas stockings to do the same job instead.

6. Seating Plan

Here's a very simple one — you can write everyone's names onto a paper tablecloth and draw on the cutlery, too!

Now that the table is ready, it's time to focus on the serious stuff — the food


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