With this trick, zipping a dress is no longer a problem

Many readers know this situation: you’re looking forward to a wonderful night out or a romantic date and have spent extra time in the bathroom to make yourself look especially beautiful, picked out the perfect outfit, and put on your best jewelry. Nothing stands in the way of you and an enchanting evening. 


Well, maybe one thing. While you are excitedly putting on your favorite dress, one tiny detail can create unexpected panic at the most inopportune moment: the zipper! Sometimes it is so far down that you simply can't manage to pull it. 

No matter how you bend yourself, nothing can be done. So what do you do if there is nobody around to help? No need to despair, because the solution is so close. More specifically, the solution is on your neck! Because most necklaces have similar and extremely useful clasps, you can simply attach the clasp of your necklace to the zipper. 


Obviously, this trick works best if you have a necklace on before you get dressed!  Open the clasp, and fasten it to the hook of the zipper. 

This way, you can easily and comfortably pull the zipper up, without bending and straining. Now everything is in its proper place, and the evening can begin. 

You can see how simple the trick is in this video: 

Brilliant! The solution was so close the whole time. Now it's time to go out and paint the town red! 


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