15 Super Fun DIY Activities And Crafts For Kids

"Mom, Dad, I'm boooored!" is the quintessential phrase for kids who are stuck at home. And to be fair, it's hard for parents to keep up with their kids, especially when they're showcasing unmatchable levels of energy and don't have anywhere to channel it. Well, we've come up with 15 cute tricks for just such occasions. With these DIY activities in tow, your kids won't even have the time to get bored. Goodbye boredom, hello fun!

1.–6. Rainy Day Activities

Most kids love arts and crafts. Once they're hooked on a project, they can show a level of focus and determination that most grown-ups would probably kill for. And it really doesn't take much for them to let their imagination run wild and work on something for hours on end. The 6 arts and crafts tricks we're about to show you are a ton of fun and aren't just for small kids, but for their adult counterparts, too!

Rainy Day Activities

7.–8. Creative Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls

We all use toilet paper, so of course we always have tons of leftover rolls that we inevitably just toss out. What most people don't realize, however, is that these bad boys have quite a few uses! The small cardboard rolls are so versatile, in fact, that you should think twice before tossing them out from now on! Get the instructions for the Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.

Creative Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls

9.–11. Natural DIY Playdough, Chalk & Paint

Small children don't just use their hands to investigate a new toy — the plaything also ends up in their mouths more often than not! Many parents have become increasingly concerned by this habit because they suspect the toy may contain harmful chemicals. But you won't have to worry with the following 3 ideas for making your own chalk, paint, and playdough — all are completely safe and will take your kids' creativity to a whole new level! Get the instructions for the Homemade Arts & Crafts Tools.

Natural DIY Playdough, Chalk & Paint

12. Homemade Indoor Playhouse For Kids

Nowadays you can buy any kind of children's toy imaginable — everything from fully equipped luxury kitchens to battery-operated mini SUVs. But the best gifts are still the homemade ones that your kids will appreciate the most, knowing that you made it specially just for them. We'll show you how easy it is to turn some plain cardboard boxes into a customized playhouse that will make your kids' eyes light up! Get the instructions for the DIY Indoor Kids' Playhouse.

Homemade Indoor Playhouse For Kids

13.–15. DIY Crafts That Will Rock Your Socks

You can do some much more with socks than use them to keep your tootsies warm! In fact, these DIY crafts are the perfect solution for any sock that is missing a mate – instead of tossing out a lone sock, you can use the material for any of these fun kids' projects. Get the instructions for the DIY Sock Crafts.

DIY Crafts That Will Rock Your Socks

These DIY activities are the ultimate boredom prevention strategy – satisfaction guaranteed! Without a bored kid in sight, you'll get to actually enjoy those days when everyone's stuck at home, and your kids will be thoroughly entertained. Have fun everyone!


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