16 Summer Hacks That'll Make You And Your Home Cooler

The desire for a cool home during the summer isn't just for people who live on the 46th floor of some high rise building, because temperature-controlled rooms are essential for everyone, no matter where you live. To help you make the most of those hot summer months while still beating the heat, we've come up with 15 life hacks for a cooler home. These tips and tricks will help you cool down your home as well as your body, so you're always prepared to handle the heat!

1. Bedroom Igloo

You'll Need:

  • fan
  • duvet cover

Here's How:

Put the fan in front of your bed and let the air blow into the "empty" duvet cover. Now you can relax, read a book, and cool off in your bedroom cave.

2. Chilled Room

You'll Need:

  • bed sheet
  • spray bottle filled with water

Here's How:

Just hang a bed sheet over an open window and spray it with water. The result is what's known as evaporative cooling, which is going to help cool things down to create the perfect indoor temperature.

3. Aloe Vera Popsicle

You'll Need:

  • aloe vera leaf
  • blender
  • glass
  • popsicle stick
  • clothespin

Here's How:

Blend the gelatinous material inside of the aloe vera leaf, pour the liquid into a glass, and place a popsicle stick in the middle. Use a clothespin to make sure the popsicle stick stays in place and freeze the glass. If you get a sunburn, you can rub the cooling aloe vera popsicle over the affected area.

4. DIY Air Conditioner

You'll Need:

  • USB fan
  • empty milk or juice carton
  • hot glue gun
  • ice cubes

Here's How:

4.1 Rinse and clean out the carton and cut a hole as big as the USB fan. Place the fan into the hole with the front looking out and glue it to the carton with a hot glue gun.

4.2 Add a few ice cubes to the carton, connect the USB fan to your computer, and your personal air conditioner is good to go.

5. Bed Cooler

You'll Need:

  • hot water bottle
  • ice cubes

Here's How:

Fill up a hot water bottle with ice cubes instead of hot water and put the cold bottle in your bed. This is a super easy and effective way to lower those high temperatures in bed.

6. Happy (Icy) Feet

You'll Need:

  • shoe insoles

Here's How:

Place your shoe insoles in the freezer for 2 hours and then put them back into your shoes. Hot feet? Thing of the past!

7.–11. More Ways To Beat The Heat

When it comes to enjoying summertime weather, we're often divided into two camps. There are those who can't wait to see the temperatures rise into the 90s, while others break a sweat just at the thought of it. We're all agreed on one thing though — summer is the time to dress lightly and stick to the shade when the weather gets ferociously hot. Yet sometimes even that's not enough. So to make the summer heat somewhat more bearable, we've come up with 5 great tips for you! Get the instructions for the 5 Summer Survival Hacks.

12.–15. Summer Party Hacks

Summer is at its peak. The days are still long, the evenings are warm, and in general, everyday life moves to the outdoors. To make your time in the summer sun as comfortable as possible, here are 4 genius tips and tricks to help you make the most of it, including water balloon tricks, and a crazy way of eating (or drinking) watermelon that you just have to see. Looks like this summer just got a whole lot better! Get the instructions for the 4 Summer Party Hacks.

16. Watermelon Dress

Have you heard of the Instagram trend that's taking the digital world by storm? Check out the #watermelondress hashtag and you'll find countless photos of summer fun in the sun – all with artfully and strategically placed pieces of watermelon. Sounds crazy, but looks great! If you want to jump on the bandwagon, just follow along! Get the instructions for the Watermelon Dress.

Temperatures up in the 80s, 90s, and 100s can certainly be a drag, but these summer hacks will help make them more manageable. There just can never be too many tips to beat the heat, especially as summers are becoming more and more extreme. In spite of that, have a great summer!


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