6 Fun Too-Cool-For-School Hacks

Tired of too-full pencil cases, super dull scissors, uncontrollable glue containers, or having to dig around in your backpack for a pen? These little annoyances can make a bad school day even worse – but there’s no need to fear! We have 6 tips & tricks that will help you organize your school life in style and put an end to all of those pesky pet peeves. Whether it’s pens that stick to the inside of your binder or a cute accessory that brightens your day, our school hacks will make your life a little easier and get you through the day with a smile on your face!

1. Glue Dispenser

You'll Need:

  • empty roll-on deodorant bottle
  • glue

In order to get the right amount of glue out every time, pour your liquid glue into an empty roll-on deodorant bottle. Now you can use the glue bottle just like you would a normal glue stick, only now you won't accidentally pour too much out at one time.

2. Alternative To Scissors

You'll Need:

  • 2 rulers

Are your scissors so dull that it seems like they just rip the paper you're trying to cut? Use 2 rulers instead! You can use them like normal scissors and they cut paper exactly like scissors would.

3. Flexible Tape

Every well-stocked pencil case needs a roll of tape in it, but they're usually so bulky that it's hard to close the pencil case once you put one in. Luckily there's a quick fix: just slide the inner plastic roll out and your tape will be way more compact and convenient to carry.

4. Camouflaged Cell Phone

You'll Need:

  • cell phone case
  • hot glue
  • colored pencils

Getting caught on your cell phone is a big no-no. To make sure that nobody sees you with your phone out in class, camouflage it with some school supplies. Glue colored pencils onto the case and your phone will always be hidden!

5. Orderly Pen Storage

You'll Need:

  • velcro

If you don't use a pencil case, then you know how annoying it is to look for pens in your backpack  they're always hiding under your books, they open and get ink all over your hands, or they get lost completely. You can save yourself from having to search for them by keeping a few pens in your binder. You can create a little storage system by attaching velcro to both the inside cover of your binder and to the caps of your pens. You'll always have a pen ready, and the ink won't get all over you!

6. Colored Pencils Necklace

You'll Need:

  • colored pencils
  • saw
  • glue
  • clear nail polish
  • eye bolt
  • necklace chain

After a while, colored pencils get too short to be able to use. Instead of throwing them away, you can make a cute accessory out of them. Collect several worn-out colored pencils and saw them down to the same size. Glue the colored pencils together into a decorative shape, like a heart. Once the glue dries, seal off all of the surfaces with clear nail polish. Screw an eye bolt to the top and attach a necklace chain to it. Now you have a trendy DIY necklace!

These fun crafts and organizational tricks will make your school day practical, organized, and colorful. Try them out and see the difference for yourself!

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