DIY 2-In-1 Coffee Table Bed

Everyone who lives in a small apartment with limited space knows this problem: What do you do with overnight guests if you don't have an extra bed, spare futon, or your couch is too small or uncomfortable to sleep on? That often just leaves the cold, hard floor and then you have the added headache of figuring out how and where to store a bulky air mattress, extra linens, pillows, and what not. Lucky for you, the solution is pretty simple! A stylish coffee table during the day that folds out into a comfortable bed at night will solve all your storage space woes. Learn how to make this genius convertible piece all by yourself in our tutorial video.

This table looks really chic and fits in any small room. Simply stow your guest linens in it and open the table the next time you have overnight guests. Just prepare yourself for the fact that you'll probably get even more visitors now because everyone will want to sleep in this extraordinary guest bed! If you're looking for more ways to save space in a tiny area, check out our video on how to build your own DIY Storage Bench.


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