11 Super Festive Easter Decorations

What's Easter without some fun, festive, homemade decorations? Spruce up your home with these 11 DIY projects and crafts just in time for Easter 2020!

1. Paper Mâché Easter Egg

Easter will be here any day now and if you haven't already picked up an Easter basket, you might find yourself out of luck come this weekend. Or maybe you just prefer to add a personalized touch to the upcoming festivities. In either case, this homemade paper mâché Easter egg will be the perfect way for your little ones to collect all the goodies the Easter Bunny will be bringing their way! Learn more here.

2.–4. Colorful Concrete Easter Decorations

In the time leading up to Easter, you'll find Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and Easter chicks everywhere. If you want to get in on the fun, but prefer to add your own DIY touch and do it on a budget, you'll love these 3 easy Easter decorations made of concrete that will brighten up your home. Learn more here.

5. Yarn Easter Eggs

Easter baskets and lots of attention – those are a given on this favorite of spring holidays each year. A good Easter egg hunt outside is a huge bonus for non-city-dwellers, but it takes something extra to actually surprise your little ones (or loved ones of any age). These eggs made with yarn will impress everyone with their colorful delicacy, but wait until they see what's inside! Learn more here.

6. DIY Easter Bunny Vases

Once you've seen the chocolate bunnies, food coloring packets, basket grass, and delicately-painted egg decorations on your local supermarket shelves, you know it's nearly here: not just spring but, yes, Easter. It's the ultimate arts and crafts holiday, and since you'll want enough vases for the upcoming daffodil harvest, these bunny jars will hit the spot! Learn more here.

7.–11. Easter Egg Tricks

Apart from eating chocolate eggs at Easter, other egg-cellent traditions include decorating and hiding the eggs. These 5 ideas for egg decorating are so good, it's possible that even the Easter Bunny isn't aware of them! Learn more here.

With so many amazing Easter options, it's hard to even know where to begin, so we suggest trying them all. So what are you waiting for?! Hop to it!


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