14 Brilliant Upcycling Ideas

While everyone is aware of what recycling involves, upcycling may well be a term that's new to some. So what does it actually mean? Well, you take used products or objects and recycle them in such a way that they are of a higher value than the original item. Sounds good, right? With that in mind, we've come up with a number of upcycling ideas involving old cans, plastic bottles, and silica gel you might like to try yourself.

1. Cans

The three upcycling ideas for cans are explained here.

2. Plastic Bottles

Our five ideas for upcycling empty plastic bottles can be found here.

3. Silica Gel

Find more information on using silica gel here.

These hacks may have you thinking twice about throwing away your old bottles and cans. Do you have any of your own ideas?


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