10 Crafts For Creative Minds

Spending some relaxing time at home is the best! With all of the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day, spending some cozy time at home with your family or friends can't be beat. But after a while, cooking, playing board games, and watching TV can get a little old. If you're looking for some new activities to spice up your time at home, try out these 10 creative craft ideas! Whether you're looking for some fun new drawing tips, sewing ideas, or DIY projects, these projects will help you let your creative side out and give the whole family something fun to work on together. Get in touch with your inner artist and enjoy your time at home! 

1. DIY Stained Glass Window

Sometimes you just need to see things in a new light, and a great way to do that is to use the natural lighting in your home to create a stunning piece of art! This DIY project is all about making the most out of your windows, and what could be more impressive than a stained glass window?! They're gorgeous to look at, plus they give off beautiful, colorful light when the sun shines through them. Now you can make your own stained glass window in just a few simple steps! Get the instructions for the DIY Stained Glass Window.

DIY Stained Glass Window

2.–4. Optical Illusion Drawings

Optical illusions are able inspire and excite young and old alike. And these impressive optical illusion drawings will mesmerize anyone who looks at them. Whether you choose to show them off at a family get-together, a night in with friends, or just when you have some downtime during the day, these magical drawings are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. Even though these 3D drawings look super complex, they're actually really simple to pull off. With just a few pencil strokes and well-placed shadows, you can create impressive optical illusions that will stun even the biggest skeptics! Get the instructions for the Optical Illusion Drawings.

Optical Illusion Drawings

5. Paint With Lemon Juice

Some people dislike lemons because of their sour taste, so they avoid them like the plague. But there's more to lemons than just their sourness. This super fun painting technique will show you what else lemons have in store for you – and believe us, it's impressive! By rubbing a cotton swab over a lemon and soaking it in lemon juice, you and your little ones can experience true magic! Get the instructions for the Lemon Juice Paintings.

Paint With Lemon Juice

6. DIY Reversible Stuffed Animal

When it comes to buying toys, some kids can be really picky  especially when it comes to stuffed animals. If your little one can't decide on a single animal, try this idea for a DIY reversible stuffed animal. After all, making the decision between a cuddly owl and a snuggly penguin can be tough! Instead of buying both, you can follow these instructions for a bit of DIY magic at home, and you'll end up with 2 for the price of none. Get the instructions for the DIY Reversible Stuffed Animal.

DIY Reversible Stuffed Animal

7.–10. Arts & Crafts Projects For Kids

Having a hard time keeping your children entertained these days? Have no fear, because we're here to help with arts & crafts ideas that kids of all ages will love! Whether it's a stuffed animal backpack or some fun Tetris magnets, everyone's sure to have tons of fun making each and every fun craft. Once you give these DIY ideas a try, you'll be so impressed with how cool kids' crafts can turn out! Get the instructions for the Arts & Crafts Projects For Kids.

Arts & Crafts Projects For Kids

These 10 creative craft ideas are not only fun, they're also a great way to add some personal touches to your home. Fun drawings, a DIY stuffed animal, and cute crafts for kids – there's an idea in here for everyone!


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