17 Home Decor Ideas With Candles

Nothing says cozy quite like candles do! If you're looking for a great way to brighten up your living room or to make your bedroom a little bit cozier, a cute candle holder, luminous lantern, or even an original homemade candle will definitely do the trick. Whether you have some old candle wax lying around the house or you're searching for cheap & easy decoration ideas, these 17 gorgeous home decor ideas with candles are just what you've been looking for. They're guaranteed to light up your living space during the colder months!

1.–3. DIY Fall Candles For Your Home

The fall is one of the most gorgeous times of year – the leaves turn beautiful colors, fall fruits & vegetables start popping up in the grocery store, and an all-around cozy atmosphere starts filling day-to-day life. As you start to spend more time indoors, bringing the natural beauty of the season into your home is a great way to make the transition to winter a positive one. These DIY fall candles will help you decorate using all of the best that the fall has to offer. Spruce up your home and make every room perfect for enjoying a crisp autumn day! Get the instructions for the DIY Fall Candles.

DIY Fall Candles For Your Home

4.–5. Creative Cement Candle Decor

Every home needs an update every now and then, but redesigning can get super complicated, not to mention expensive. The good news is that making new decorations for your home yourself can be super fun, so break out some cement and give these DIY cement candle holders a try! Between our wine & dine gel candle and luminous lantern, we're sure you'll love these fun cement crafts. Transform your living space from boring to beautiful in no time at all! Get the instructions for the Cement Candle Decor.

Creative Cement Candle Decor

6.–9. Bright DIY Candle Designs

Whether it's a small tealight in a decorative glass or a large pillar candle sitting on the coffee table, candles can be the perfect warm element to add to any room. Of course, you can always pick some up at your local home goods store, but then your options are limited, plus buying fancy candles can get surprisingly expensive. Rather than burning through all of your money, why not try out these DIY candles? Turn ordinary candles into something extraordinary, repurpose leftover candle wax, and create unique candles from scratch in just a few simple steps! Get the instructions for the DIY Candle Designs.

Bright DIY Candle Designs

10.–11. Natural Rustic Candle Holders

Taking a stroll through the woods is the perfect fall activity. On top of being able to see all of the colorful leaves falling, gorgeous acorns, pine cones, and branches cover the forest floor. These important parts of fall also happen to make great materials for DIY projects and crafts, plus you can easily make them into beautiful decor for your home! These DIY candle holder ideas will help you transform natural fall elements into stunning household accents. Make the most out of your natural surroundings and bring the tranquility of the forest right into your home! Get the instructions for the Rustic Candle Holders.

Natural Rustic Candle Holders

12.–15. Chic DIY Candles

Nothing says cute and cozy quite like decorative candles do! We all know that lighting some candles for a small gathering or accenting the dinner table with some gorgeous lighting can add that extra little bit of ambiance to make an evening complete. But did you know that making candles yourself is also super easy and fun to do? Whether it's modifying a boring, standard candle and transforming it into a stunning centerpiece or upcycling leftover wax from old candles, these DIY ideas will help you add some beautiful accents to your home that won't cost you a thing! Get the instructions for the DIY Candles.

Chic DIY Candles

16.–17. Radiant Rope Candle Holders

Making your house feel like a home starts with decorations and household fixtures. Adding a few accents and choice pieces of furniture can make a huge difference, but household items tend to cost a lot and those purchases can really add up. That's where these radiant rope candle holders come in! We'll show some chic, unique ways to spruce up your home that won't break the bank – plus they're fun and easy to make. You might say that they really tie the room together! Get the instructions for the Rope Handle Holders.

Radiant Rope Candle Holders

The 17 home decor ideas with candles will transform your house into the stunning, cozy space you deserve. Your homemade works of art will look so impressive, no other decor in your home will be able to hold a candle to them!


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