4 Fun School Supplies You Can Make Yourself

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to do your homework and lying next to your books are just the same old, worn-out supplies – dull notebooks, generic pens, disorganized paper clips, grey pencil sharpeners... the list goes on. But your school supplies don’t have to be as boring as your math homework is! With these 4 colorful school supply ideas, you can finally bring some excitement into studying, with the best part being that all of these adorable supplies and accessories are fun and easy to make!

1. Cute Paper Clips

You'll Need:

  • air-dry modeling clay 
  • wooden dowel
  • paper clips
  • acrylic paint
  • varnish

Here's How:

1.1 Mold some air-dry modeling clay into the shape of a cloud using a wooden dowel to perfect the fluffy details around the outer edges. Slide a paper clip into the base of the cloud and wait for the clay to harden.

1.2 Draw a face on the cloud with acrylic paint, coat it with varnish, and let dry. Use the same technique to personalize as many paper clips as you want – too cute!

2. Underwater Notebook Cover

You'll Need:

  • notebook with a plain cover
  • transparent cover
  • confetti glitter
  • parchment paper
  • flat iron
  • water
  • food coloring
  • baby oil
  • funnel
  • hot glue

Here's How:

2.1 Cut a large rectangle out of the cover of the notebook, leaving an even border.

2.2 Cut the transparent cover so that it is slightly larger than the rectangle you cut out of the notebook cover. Fill the transparent cover with confetti glitter.

2.3 Fold parchment paper over the edges of the open sides of the transparent cover and singe the sides closed using a flat iron. Leave a small section open at the top.

2.4 Mix water, food coloring, and baby oil together. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into the sealed transparent pouch.

2.5 Seal the last open section of the transparent pouch with the parchment paper and flat iron.

2.6 Using a hot glue gun, glue the filled transparent pouch to the cover of the notebook from the back. Now you can enjoy a glittery, underwater-themed notebook!

3. Sweet Sharpener

You'll Need:

  • empty Tic Tac container
  • pencil sharpener
  • hot glue
  • air-dry modeling clay
  • ruler
  • acrylic paint
  • aluminum foil
  • craft glue

Here's How:

3.1 Using a hot glue gun, glue a pencil sharpener to the lid of an empty Tic Tac container.

3.2 Cover the Tic Tac container with air-dry modeling clay. Use a ruler to make imprints in the shape of a chocolate bar on the lower half of the covered box, and then let the clay harden.

3.3 Paint the hardened clay to look like a half-opened bar of chocolate. Glue aluminum foil on the other half to make it look like an opened candy bar wrapper. Put the lid back onto the Tic Tac container and start making the tips of your pencils a little bit sweeter.

4. Glittery Pens

You'll Need:

  • pens
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp craft glue
  • glitter

Here's How:

Take the ink cartridge out of the pen. Mix water and craft glue together and coat the empty sleeve of the pen completely. Fill the coated sleeve of the pen with glitter, slide the ink cartridge back in, and you’ll be writing in style!

These colorful, creative designs for your school supplies will add that extra sparkle to your studying and will make your work shine like never before!

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