22 Tips And Tricks For Cyclists, Drivers, And Adventurers

Isn't it appealing, that summer feeling? Part of that feeling is the desire to ride your bike more than you usually would. Whether you start commuting to work by bike or you go on a biking trip with your friends, there's nothing quite like the feeling of that cool wind in your face as you're breezing along. Still, there are certain minor issues and pet peeves that most bikers go through all the time. How are you supposed to protect your dress or skirt when riding your bike? How do you clean a dirty bike chain and where do you put your smartphone if you don't have a special holder on your bike? All of these questions and more will be answered with these 22 hacks!

1. Protect Your Dress When Riding A Bike

You'll Need:

  • hair tie
  • quarter, half dollar, or dollar coin

Here's How:

To protect your dress or skirt when riding a bike, hold a quarter to the back of the piece of the garment at mid-thigh level, and pass it in between your legs with the fabric. Then grab the front part of the fabric, wrap it around the quarter, and fix it in place with a hair tie. Now the coin can't slip and the dress or skirt can't flutter around anymore or even get tangled up in the spokes.

Protect Your Dress When Riding A Bike

2. Bike Chain Brush

You'll Need:

  • 2 toothbrushes
  • tape

Here's How:

Tape 2 toothbrushes together by their handles so the bristles are facing each other. Clamp the brushes to a bike chain and turn the pedals to make the chain move. It's the easiest way to clean your bike chain!

Bike Chain Brush

3. Bottle Opener

Just use the pedals of your bike to open bottles with a crown cap. Clamp the bottle to the pedal and hit the edge of the pedal with your fist.  This creates a lever movement that'll have your bottle open in no time.

Bike Bottle Opener

4. Smartphone Holder

You'll Need:

  • rubber band

Here's How:

A lot of people use their smartphone as a GPS when they're riding their bikes. But if you don't happen to have a fancy holder, you can just use a rubber band. Place your smartphone on the handlebars and pull the band over the smartphone from below and then from above.

Smartphone Holder

5. Saddle Bag

You'll Need:

  • empty wet wipes container
  • drill
  • zip tie

Here's How:

Remove the lid from an empty wet wipes container and drill two holes in it, one underneath the other. Thread a zip tie through the holes and then put the lid back on the container. Fix the container to the saddle with the zip tie and say hello to your new saddle bag.

Empty Container Saddle Bag

6. Remove Chain Rust

You'll Need:

  • glass jar or cup
  • cola
  • aluminum foil

Here's How:

Put the chain in a glass jar or cup, fill it with cola, and let it sit in the cola for 5 hours. Then remove the chain from the glass jar, crumple up some aluminum foil in your hands, and use it to rub the rust off the bike chain.

Remove Rust From Bike Chain

7. Remove Chain Grease

You'll Need:

  • table salt
  • hand soap

Here's How:

To get rid of extra stubborn chain grease on your hands, try this trick! Put table salt and hand soap in the palm of your hands, wash your hands as usual, and say goodbye to all that nasty grease.

Remove Grease From Your Hands

8. Barefoot Bike Hack

You'll Need:

  • 2 sponges
  • 4 zip ties

Here's How:

People like to ride their bikes barefoot, especially during those hot summer months. Of course, that can be quite painful, and the soles of your feet might not like that idea too much. To prevent any pain from occurring, clamp 2 sponges to the pedals of your bike. Fix them with 2 zip ties each and pedaling barefoot should be child's play from now on.

Barefoot Bike Hack

9.–15. Convenient Car Hacks

With most people choosing cars as their #1 transportation mode, we're seeing them more and more often out on the open road. Your vehicle can also be a sense of pride, so it's best to make sure it's always looking its best, because after all, a sloppy and dirty automobile could be a bad reflection on you. But never again with these 7 super easy and super simple tips and tricks to keep everything looking nice and neat! Get the instructions for the 7 Convenient Car Hacks.

Car Hacks

16. Cool Off A Hot Car

Cars heat up extremely quickly in the sun, and during the summer that means you might be driving in an oven. Since that's no fun, it's best to cool off the car before you get in. While some people leave the AC running for a few minutes, that's actually unnecessary. All you really need to do is ventilate it properly, which we'll show you how to do! Get the instructions for Cooling Off A Hot Car.

Cool Off A Hot Car

17.–22. Emergency Preparedness Hacks

Did your power go out and you forgot to stock up on candles, batteries, and flashlights? You want to go camping with friends, but forgot to buy a camping stove? Is your water turned off for maintenance, and you suddenly find yourself unable to flush the toilet? Have no fear! Thanks to these 6 survival hacks, you'll be able to keep a cool head during your next emergency and take control of the situation. Get the instructions for the 6 Emergency Preparedness Hacks.

Emergency Preparedness Hacks

Well, this certainly makes cycling a lot more fun. One of these hacks might even be enough to convert a staunch anti-bike person in your life. But even if it's unrelated to bike problems, we've got you covered with car and outdoor adventure tips and tricks. And now much like a scout, you'll always be prepared!


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