7 Nifty Ways To Recycle Old Clothes

What to do with all your old, possibly worn-out clothes? The first thought is to bring them to the used clothes container or a charity shop. But what if those clothes already have small flaws and can't really be donated to the needy with a clear conscience? Because we are firm believers in the concept of "waste not, want not," we've come up with 7 great ideas to help you upcycle your clothes and get even more use out of them!

1. Cushion Cover From An Old Shirt

Intentional or not, T-shirts tend to accumulate. Whether the odd promotional T-shirt, a gift from a friend or family member, or one of the many bought at that too-good-to-be-true sale, the ever-growing pile in your closet can quickly become overwhelming. With this clever trick, you can put old T-shirts to good use by fashioning your own unique cushion covers. Learn more here.

2. Tool Belt Apron From Old Jeans

So, you have an old pair of jeans that are a bit on the frayed side or perhaps full of holes and you just can't bring yourself to wear them anymore? Rather than let them go to waste at the back of your closet or tossing them in the garbage, here’s how you can give them a second life! Learn more here.

3. Dog Bed From An Old Sweatshirt

When you take dogs to a new place, the four-legged canines are often overwhelmed by all the new sounds and smells they encounter. That's why their owners often take an old sweater or shirt with them for their dogs to snuggle up inside. The familiar scent of their owner is very important especially when staying at an animal shelter or going on a short trip away from home. Here we'll show you how to create a soft bed for your beloved dog from an old sweater so that your dog feels at home wherever it goes. Learn more here.

4. Reversible Stuffed Animals From Old Socks

When it comes to buying toys, some kids can be really picky, especially when it comes to stuffed animals. If your little one can't decide whether they'd rather have an owl or a penguin, instead of buying both, you can follow these instructions for a bit of DIY at home, and you'll end up with two for the price of one. Learn more here.

5. Table Mat From Old Leggings

When we find small tears in our leggings, we often simply throw them out. But here's why you shouldn't! Learn more here.

6 Shrug From Old Leggings

When the waistband starts to give, that's the first sign you should toss out your leggings. But wait! You many not be able to wear them as pants anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't upcycle them into another fashionable piece of clothing. Learn more here.

7. Hand Warmer From Old Socks

When it's starting to get really cold outside and there's no warmer weather in sight until the spring, you'll want to make use of this handy trick to keep you warm on those frigid days. And the best part is, it won't cost you a penny since you most likely have all of these simple supplies already on hand! Learn more here.

That's how easy recycling, upcycling, and sustainability are! Why buy a cushion cover when your old, yet stylish shirt fits your living room design so perfectly? Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


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