20 Brilliant Life Hacks For Your Bathroom

News flash: you don't have to spend insane amounts of money at the spa to get to a place of chilled-out zen vibes. It's just as easy and just as relaxing to give yourself a pamper session right in your own bathroom! But to get into the right frame of mind, you're probably going to want to spruce up your space a little, which is why we're showing you some sweet DIY hacks to get your bathroom into top form. We also know that bathrooms can attract all kinds of little problems, so we've also got some hacks for how to deal with clogged sinks and the like. These 20 life hacks are going to turn your boring bathroom into a spa-adjacent dreamscape so you can leave your sorrows and woes at the door!

1. Natural DIY Drain Cleaner

If your bathroom or kitchen drain is clogged, you don't actually need to buy an expensive, toxic drain cleaner at the supermarket or hardware store. There's a tried and true home remedy for clearing drains, whose primary ingredients you almost certainly have around the house anyway: baking soda and salt! Get the instructions for the Natural DIY Drain Cleaner.

Natural DIY Drain Cleaner

2.–3. Toothbrush Holder & Homemade Soap

If your kids are all grown up, but you can't bear the thought of throwing out their favorite childhood toys, then today is your lucky day. There are so many great ways to repurpose your little ones' old playthings, and here are 2 great DIY projects for the bathroom to get you started! Get the instructions for the Toothbrush Holder & Homemade Soap.

Toothbrush Holder & Homemade Soap

4.–11. Extremely Useful Bathroom Hacks

Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it – yep, we're talking about going to the bathroom. Nowadays, the bathroom is more of a private place, so people are less likely or willing to openly discuss their experiences on the porcelain throne. Because you won't hear them from anyone else, here are 8 life-saving bathroom secrets to make your next visit much more pleasant! Get the instructions for the 8 Extremely Useful Bathroom Hacks.

8 Extremely Useful Bathroom Hacks

12. How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

There are numerous household situations that can be difficult for anyone to deal with, but a clogged toilet is arguably the worst. If you only just realize that you never bought a plunger once your toilet starts overflowing and you find yourself in a pinch, this trick will be a major lifesaver! Get the instructions for How To Fix a Clogged Toilet.

How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

13. DIY Towel Bath Mat

If you're not careful, you can have a nasty tumble getting out of the shower, especially if a wet foot meets a slippery floor — or even a slippery bath mat. A real rug in front of the shower can make a lot of sense. And here you have some options: of course you can go with a store-bought one, but for a little more color and fun, try this easy method for making your own! Get the instructions for the DIY Towel Bath Mat.

DIY Towel Bath Mat

14. Towel & Toothbrush Holder

There are lots of things that need to be held up in the hand towels and toothbrushes. Most often we use hooks, but instead of a bland, generic, plastic hook on the wall, why not make your own funny-face holder from a tennis ball? They're fun to look at, and in some cases work much better than hooks! Get the instructions for the Towel & Toothbrush Holder.

Towel & Toothbrush Holder

15–17. Homemade Soaps That Look Good Enough To Eat

Making soap yourself sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. In fact, you only need a few basic ingredients and our handy-dandy tutorial. The following DIY soaps are perfect for anyone who loves to pamper their hands, and they make great gifts, especially for the foodies in your life. Just make sure not to leave them around anyone who might mistake them for food, because they are that realistic! Get the instructions for the 3 Homemade Soaps That Look Good Enough To Eat.

3 Homemade Soaps That Look Good Enough To Eat

18. Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tabs

If we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that nobody likes cleaning the toilet. But someone’s got to do it, right? Which brings us to the next point: how do you choose the cleaning product to do the job? Thanks to these natural, homemade toilet bowl cleaner tabs, you'll never had to worry about that again! Get the instructions for the Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tabs.

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tabs

19. DIY Cork Bath Mat

If you and your friends are the kind of people who enjoy a bottle of wine from time to time and love DIY projects, then this homemade bath mat is right up your alley! Plus, you'll finally be able to make use of all the empties you have lying around – talk about a win-win situation! Get the instructions for the DIY Cork Bath Mat.

DIY Cork Bath Mat

20. Toilet Paper Origami

Toilet use is largely a taboo subject in our society, which is pretty crazy when you think it, especially since single-stall bathrooms are a fairly recent development. But there is still one experience that everyone can share in, and that's having something nice to look at in the powder room. From a lovely flower bouquet to a boat to a heart, learn how to master these charming toilet paper folding hacks to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone! Get the instructions for the Toilet Paper Origami.

Toilet Paper Origami

Save yourself the time and money you would have spent on a trip to the spa and enjoy a little quality me-time right at home. And if your toilet ever gives you any grief, now you know what to do! 


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