23 Party-Perfect DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

Have you ever gotten stuck while trying to come up with the perfect birthday gift for a close friend or family member? You can always just settle for a gift card or bouquet of flowers, but that's been done so many times before. A thoughtful, homemade gift is an even better way to show just how much you care, and it takes the cake every time! Check out our 23 party-perfect birthday gift ideas and find just the right ones for the special people in your life!

1.–3. Lego Craft Gifts

Legos are one of the world's most iconic toys, and they're not just for kids – adults can enjoy playing with the colorful bricks, too! If you still have Legos from back in the day, check out these crafty ways to repurpose them into a colorful, original gift. These designs are playful, bright, and fun, just like birthday gifts should be! And after all, adults are just big kids, right? Get the instructions for the 3 Lego Craft Gifts.

3 Lego Craft Gifts

4.–5. Animal Sock Gifts

Usually socks are for your feet, but that's not always the case. So why not treat your loved ones to a new favorite pair, spruced up and personalized with a little DIY llama makeover? Or instead of giving the gift of comfort, you can turn socks into a cuddly koala bear stuffed animal in just a few steps! These gifts ideas are sure to knock the socks off of the birthday boy or girl! Get the instructions for the 2 Animal Sock Gifts.

2 Animal Sock Gifts

6.7. DIY Popsicle Stick Gifts

The only type of popsicle sticks you probably associate with birthdays come at the end of a delicious, cold dessert – but not for long! Popsicle sticks are a great, versatile material that you can repurpose in a ton of creative ways. We've come up with some cute and creative gifts that you can make out of this unlikely material, like a chic bracelet to your spice up your friend's look or a personalized nail polish holder for a fun-loving family member! Get the instructions for the 2 DIY Popsicle Stick Gifts.

2 DIY Popsicle Stick Gifts

8.–10. Butterfly-Themed Gifts

Did you know that there are 160,000 different species of butterflies? And because they're so beautiful, butterflies are a popular theme for decorations. But before you head to the store and buy a bunch of expensive butterfly-themed gifts, check out these 3 butterfly crafts you can make with plastic bottles. From a butterfly mobile to a butterfly hair clip, these gifts will make your friend's heart flutter! Get the instructions for the 3 Butterfly-Themed Gifts.

3 Butterfly-Themed Gifts

11.–13. Decorative Garden Gifts

Over the last few years, succulents have become THE popular plant. Because succulents don't need much water, they're very low-maintenance, which is why they make great gifts for plant lovers and plant newbies alike! Plus, these easy DIY planters will help you display your succulents in unique and stunning ways. You can give a gift that keeps on growing – just like your friendship! Get the instructions for the 3 Decorative Garden Gifts.

3 Decorative Garden Gifts

14.–16. Gummy Bear Gifts

Gummy bears are tiny, cute, and delicious, so it's no wonder they're a longtime favorite of both kids and adults alike! But believe it or not, you can do way more with gummy bears than just eat them. These great gift ideas will show you creative and inventive ways to both eat and repurpose the world's cutest candy. Gummy bears are the perfect concept for a great, original gift! Get the instructions for the 3 Gummy Bear Gifts.

3 Gummy Bear Gifts

17.–19. Homemade Birthday Cards

A birthday card is sometimes seen as an afterthought or as a vehicle for the "real gift." That won't be the case anymore once you start handing out these special, homemade greeting cards that fly, bloom, and pop! Your family and friends will love these unique expressions of your love and will be excited to show them off like the great gift that they are! Get the instructions for the 3 Homemade Birthday Cards.

3 Homemade Birthday Cards

20. DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

After a stressful day, there's nothing better than a relaxing soak in a pleasant-smelling bathtub. Help your loved ones say goodbye to their worries and immerse themselves in a galactic world full of bright colors and bubbles with this spectacular homemade bath bomb. Feel free to try all kinds of different ingredients and combinations, like orange zest, lavender, or rose petals, to make this the perfect customized gift for those hard workers in your life! Get the instructions for the DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs.

DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

21.–23. Food-Themed Gifts

The foodie population in the world is growing fast, so we've come up with a few DIY accessories for your family and friends who love to chow down in style, and these presents look good enough to eat! A notepad that looks like a burger, a taco to hold earphones, and a fried egg pouch – not only do these accessories look finger lickin' good, they're also all kinds of practical and are super easy to make. What a deliciously thoughtful gift! Get the instructions for the 3 Food-Themed Gifts.

3 Food-Themed Gifts

With these 23 ideas for inspiration, your homemade birthday present is destined to be the life of the next party. Plus, you'll get to show just how much you care and have fun making it at the same time! Bring on the next birthday!


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