28 Revolutionary Kitchen Organization Hacks

You're in your kitchen, you open a drawer, and all heck breaks loose: a maelstrom of whisks, ladles, and spatulas comes hurtling toward you and you're powerless to stop the chaos. Then there's the cabinet where you store all your Tupperware, and it's the same old story of loose lids and containers stacked up on top of each other in an incoherent mess. To your left, you'll notice that dead space that only seems to collect dust and isn't useful for much else. And all this despite your valiant efforts to keep your kitchen tidy! That is the ultimate troll, and we won't stand for it any longer. That's why we've compiled our 28 most revolutionary kitchen organization hacks for you. Check out how to keep everything from your fridge to your cabinets organized so you can make the most of every single square inch of your kitchen!

1.–8. Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Fridge Tidy

Nothing's more satisfying than a fully-stocked fridge, but with great power comes great responsibility. It's a wonderful feeling knowing you have a nice, clean space to put all your fresh groceries, but that feeling quickly fades when it turns out your refrigerator is lacking serious space, everything is mixed around, or it's simply just one big mess in there. All your woes are easily solved with these 8 clever kitchen hacks that will leave your fridge looking brand spanking new and ultra spacious in no time! Get the full instructions for the 8 Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Fridge Tidy.

Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Fridge Tidy

9.–14. Tips & Tricks To Organize Your Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen, especially a tiny kitchen, organized can be one of the most challenging household issues. But it's actually quite easy to keep the most frequently used room in the house tidy with these 6 handy tips & tricks! Get the full instructions for the 6 Tips & Tricks To Organize Your Kitchen.

Tips & Tricks To Organize Your Kitchen

15. DIY Slide-Out Pantry

You know that awkward little corner in your kitchen that's usually between a cabinet and a wall? It's too tiny for a regular cupboard but JUST big enough to collect all kinds of dust and dirt. Wasting potential storage space, especially in smaller kitchens, should not be a thing. So if your kitchen happens to feature a small, awkward space that really isn't of any use to anyone, you should definitely give this DIY project a try! Get the full instructions for the DIY Slide-Out Pantry.

DIY Slide-Out Pantry

16. Freezer-Ready Portions

It's great when you get a fantastic deal on items like ground beef in bulk, but how are you realistically going to use all that meat before it expires? The best thing to do in situations like this is to freeze the ground beef in pre-portioned sections so you can grab one whenever you need it. As an added bonus, you'll end up saving a ton of space in your freezer! Get the full instructions for Freezer-Ready Portions.

Freezer-Ready Meat Portions

17. DIY Spice Rack

The right combination of spices is the key to a good meal. However, finding a way to stylishly store 100 different containers and baggies in your kitchen is a different issue. But worry no more, because this easy idea allows you to store your spices in a decorative and super convenient way. So what are you waiting for? It's time to spice up your kitchen with a stylish homemade spice rack! Get the full instructions for the DIY Spice Rack.

DIY Spice Rack

18.–20. Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Keeping order in the kitchen is probably one of the biggest challenges when it comes to the housework. Yet it really needn't be that complicated. To tackle the mess, we've gotten hold of a piece of wood and come up with 3 ideas that will ensure every cabinet and every drawer stays tidy! Get the full instructions for the 3 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Utensils.

Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

21.–26. Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

As the saying goes, orderliness is next to godliness, and there probably isn't a room in your home where that's more relevant than in the kitchen. An organized kitchen isn't just practical when hunger demands that things move at a fast pace, it also gives off major Marie Kondo vibes, which probably means it's good for your mental health. Right? Right! These 6 organization hacks are going to show you how fast and easy it is to optimize your kitchen. Get the full instructions for the 6 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen.

Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

27.–28. Practical Kitchen Uses For Magnets

Magnets are insanely useful when it comes to the household, especially when it comes to keeping your kitchen tidy. Read on to discover 2 practical ways to make your everyday life easier with magnets! Get the full instructions for the 2 Practical Kitchen Uses For Magnets.

Practical Kitchen Uses For Magnets

These 28 kitchen organization hacks are definitely going to help you make the most of your space so that you can finally use it to let your culinary imagination run wild, as opposed to frantically trying to stay on top of the chaos! We're not exaggerating when we call these hacks life-changing – the boost in serotonin alone is going to be worth it!


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