The Best Tips & Tricks To Survive Winter

It's long and arduous, mentally and physically challenging, and most of all it's cold and wet. If you haven't guessed, we're talking about winter. In an ideal world, most of us would do like bears and just hibernate until spring starts rolling around. But if we're being totally honest, there are also some positives to winter! When the weather is being a major troll, there's really no place like home, and winter gives many of us the opportunity to stay inside and do some of those domestic, cozy things we don't really want to do when it's nice out. Check out our best tricks for winter that'll keep you busy until next spring!

1. DIY Hacks To Keep You Warm This Winter

It's starting to get really cold outside and there's no warmer weather in sight until the spring. In addition to piling on the down jackets and wool socks, there are plenty of other clever tricks you can make use of to keep warm this winter, like these 3 hacks to help protect you against the cold! Get the full instructions for the 3 DIY Hacks To Keep You Warm This Winter.

3 DIY Hacks To Keep You Warm This Winter

2. DIY Windshield De-Icer

A common and avoidable cause of many car accidents in winter is an icy windshield. When the view out the window is obstructed, drivers can't see all the other traffic on the road. But the reality is, spending 10 minutes scraping off your car windows on a freezing cold winter morning is not a pleasant way to start the day.  The good news is, there's a solution to this common problem! Get the full instructions for the DIY Windshield De-Icer.

DIY Windshield De-Icer

3. Christmas Sweater Accessories

Has your favorite sweater seen better days and is now sporting a few unsightly holes? It'd be a real shame to throw the old pullover out, especially since it has such a great winter-themed design. But there's no need! Find out how you can transform your sweater into other items of clothing for winter! Get the full instructions for the Christmas Sweater Accessories.

Christmas Sweater Accessories

4. Homemade Bird Feeders

Winter can be especially tough on our feathered friends, so it's important to give 'em a helping hand when they're looking for food. And it's a win-win situation because we get to observe them. But there's no need to go out and get store-bought bird food. In fact, it's so much easier to make your own bird feeder stations! Get the full instructions for the Homemade Bird Feeders.

Homemade Bird Feeders

5. Ways To Upcycle Old Christmas Sweaters

If you want to find new ways to give your old Christmas sweaters a second life to, check out these great arts and crafts ideas! Get the full instructions for the 5 Ways To Upcycle Old Christmas Sweaters.

Ways To Upcycle Your Old Christmas Sweaters

6. Homemade Kid's Poncho

When it's chilly outside, you need the right clothes and a poncho is just the thing – it keeps you warm, but is also airy enough that you don't sweat. Furthermore, it's easy to slip on, and that's something children particularly appreciate. And most importantly, they just look great! Get the full instructions for the Homemade Kid's Poncho.

Homemade Kid's Poncho

7. Tricks To Help You Save On Heating Costs

In winter, what could be better than cuddling up with a blanket on the couch inside your own 4 walls and forgetting how icy cold it is outside? Unfortunately, that's not possible for many people as their apartments are drafty and they have to put up with badly-insulated windows. These 3 simple tricks will help you take action against those problems! Get the full instructions for the 3 Tricks To Help You Save On Heating Costs.

Tricks To Help You Save On Heating Costs

Listen to your soul and try some (or all) of these epic tricks for winter! Even though we all like to complain about winter and how cold and dark it can be, but with these crafts and ideas in your arsenal, winter will be great this year!


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