10 Nifty DIY Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Homemade presents are always well received because they show that you really care about the person. If you'd like to put together something for your nearest and dearest, you may want to take some inspiration from our 10 best DIY gift ideas for every occasion...

1. Shrink Charms

Some people might remember shrinky dinks from their childhood — tiny pieces of toy jewelry made from shrinking plastic. What fun it was to put the plastic in the oven and watch intently as it curled slightly and then began shrinking until it ended up as a tiny charm. Take a trip down memory lane and relive this excitement all over again! This fun shrinking effect works great on plastic packaging. Check out the full instructions here.

2. Childhood Memento

If you've got kids, you'll know this: they grow up so fast. This is why little mementos from the time when they had tiny little hands and feet are even more important. Here's how you do it.

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Jars

These chic jars are a thoughtful gift and look great in the garden or on the windowsill. Just follow these simple steps...

You'll Need:

  • Mason jars
  • glow sticks
  • some water 

Here's How:

First, fill the Mason jars with water. Next, cut open the glow sticks and let the liquid drip into the water. You can experiment with different colors to create some fantastic results.

IMPORTANT: Once you've cut open the glow sticks, dispose of them straight away. The chemical fluid is toxic, so should be supervised by an adult when making the glow-in-the-dark glasses.

4. Wood Prints

For weeks, that empty space on the wall in your friend's living room has been staring at you and they still have no idea what to put there. Sure, you can just buy them a run-of-the-mill picture at the store or hang up the pictures you took on your last vacation together. But we recommend creating a truly one-of-a-kind wood print in just a few simple steps.

5. Illuminated Photo Cube

Who says picture frames are just for pictures? Not us! Picture frames of every size and shape can be found in the homes of most people, but if you're only using them to actually frame photos, then you're not realizing their true potential. Here are 6 picture-perfect ways to turn ordinary picture frames into so much more.

6. Crayon Drizzle Art

Everyone has fond memories of crayons from their childhoods, but they're not exactly the art tool of choice for elite, professional artists. They break easily, sharpening them is difficult, and achieving a really nice, even coverage requires some effort. But when you see what unique wall art can be made with them, the waxy, colorful sticks might find their way back to the top of your wish list. Here's how to create this breathtaking piece.

7. 3 Stylish Ideas For Old Cans

You can try all you want, but it's pretty hard to avoid trash. It's just part of most households, unfortunately. There are, however, those items that you don't just have to throw away — you can actually re-use, transform, or "upcycle" them, as long as you know how. Tin cans are a perfect example. There are so many ways to make use of them after you clean them out and dry them off!

8. Gifts Made From Old Vinyls

Before the invention of music streaming and CDs, the record player was the best way to play all of your favorite tunes. After disappearing into obscurity, some vinyl records have recently regained a fair amount of popularity as highly sought-after collectors' items. But if you happen to find any old records lying around in your grandparents' basement that have been rendered useless due to damage, we recommend transforming them into some pretty cool decorative items for around the house.

9. Birthday Constellation Picture

"I own the stars because nobody before me ever thought of owning them." That's according to the title character of the classic children's book, "The Little Prince." In the following DIY project, you can own the stars in a small way — and brush up on your home improvement skills — by taking inspiration from the heavens and hanging it on your wall

10. Photo Fridge Magnets

This article shows you how to make some cute photo fridge magnets. You'll also find 4 other DIY ideas can you do with your kids on those rainy days.

Whatever you choose to make, these gift ideas are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face. Have fun getting creative!


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