24 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but for obvious reasons, this year's celebration of love is probably going to look quite different. No romantic rendezvous at exclusive restaurants, no relaxing couple's spa day, and the list goes on and on. But don't worry – you can still pull out the big guns and show your better half just how much you appreciate them right from the comfort of your own home! We're showing you 24 of our most romantic and sweet Valentine's Day gift ideas which will prove once and for all that store-bought presents have nothing on these homemade gifts and thoughtful tips!

1.–3. Fun Flower Crafts & Recipes

No matter what kind or color you pick, flowers are beautiful! But instead of just putting them in a vase and admiring them from there, here are 3 creative ways to get the most enjoyment out of your flowers. Get the instructions for the Fun Flower Crafts & Recipes.

Fun Flower Crafts & Recipes

4. Relaxing Foot Massage

When there's tension in our neck or back, we instantly notice it and do whatever we can to loosen up any stiffness. But when our feet get tense, we only feel the difference once we've enjoyed a good massage. In fact, a good massage is a great way to give yourself or your loved ones that much needed boost, so give it a try! Get the instructions for the Relaxing Foot Massage.

Relaxing Foot Massage

5. Rejuvenating Partner Massage

No matter how you slice it, life can be very stressful at times. If you want to ease your tension without putting a massive dent in your schedule or bank account, grab your partner and have them follow these simple massage techniques to have you feeling better in no time! Get the instructions for the Rejuvenating Partner Massage.

Rejuvenating Partner Massage

6.–8. Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Flowers brighten up any home, especially when they're arranged in an attractive way. These 3 tips & tricks will give you excellent inspiration for adding some extra decoration to your home with flowers! Get the instructions for the Beautiful Flower Arrangements.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements

9.–12. DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day comes but once a year, so maybe that's why you always end up forgetting all about it until the last minute. Or maybe you're just not into the commercialized version of the holiday and prefer to say I Love You in a way that's both meaningful and personal. Whatever your reasons, here are 4 homemade Valentine's Day gifts that your special valentine will cherish for many years to come! Get the instructions for the DIY Valentine's Day Gifts.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

13. Photo Collage Table

Usually we hang our favorite photographs on the wall, but that's not the only place where they'll look good. A brilliant place to display some of your best memories is on a coffee table with a homemade tabletop! Get the instructions for the Photo Collage Table.

Photo Collage Table

14.–17. Unique Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements and bouquets are a delight wherever you see them. But if you're tired of waiting, try out our hacks that will help you make your own professional-looking flower arrangements and make every occasion a special one! Get the instructions for the Unique Flower Arrangements.

Unique Flower Arrangements

18. DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

After a stressful day, nothing helps you unwind better than a relaxing soak in a pleasant-smelling bathtub. Say goodbye to your worries and immerse yourself in a galactic world full of bright colors and bubbles, which is exactly what you'll get after tossing in this spectacular homemade bath bomb! Get the instructions for the DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs.

DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

19.–21. Creative Bottle Vases

Are those empty bottles and Mason jars starting to pile up in the corner of your kitchen? And do you need some new vases to brighten things up around the house? Great! We've got 3 DIY tips & tricks for turning old bottles into impressive vases in no time! Get the instructions for the Creative Bottle Vases.

Creative Bottle Vases

22.–24. Charming Valentine's Day Crafts

"Roses are red, violets are blue, here's an extra special craft I made just for you!" That's what you can tell the special someone in your life when you present them with one of these 3 customized DIY projects on Valentine's Day this year, because nothing says love like a homemade gift! Get the instructions for the Charming Valentine's Day Crafts.

Charming Valentine's Day Crafts

See? There is no list of rules that dictates that you have to take your loved one out to a fancy restaurant or drop a lot of money on Valentine's Day. Now that you have all these tips and tricks under your belt, you can create the most romantic, loving atmosphere right at home without needing to spend a fortune. Happy Valentine's Day!


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