25 DIY Christmas Projects

Christmas time isn't just cookie time – it's also craft time! And because no other time of year elicits as much joy as now, take full advantage of the festive holiday spirit and try these 25 DIY ideas to boost the mood.

1.–5. | Napkin Folding Designs For Christmas Dinner

How quickly Christmas comes around every year! Whether your preparations are well under way or you're just getting started, it's definitely time to think about all the festive trappings that go with it, not least your table decorations. And they don't just have to consist of plastic stars – with these 5 festive table settings, you're sure to impress at Christmas dinner this year. Learn more here.

6.–9. | Clothespin Christmas Decorations

You can use clothespins to... well, the name says it all. But now that Christmas is around the corner, you can make great use out of these helpful little fasteners in other ways. If you're looking for unique ways to decorate your home over the holiday period, these practical clothespin ideas are just the solution. Learn more here.

10.–12. | Easy DIY Last-Minute Christmas Decorations

Boy does time fly! If the holiday season snuck up on you, that probably means you haven't decorated yet and your house is barer than the Grinch's. But have no fear! Making your home festive doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of time thanks to these 3 genius DIY projects designed to lessen your seasonal stress. Learn more here.

13. Hanging Christmas Tree

"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging..." are words we'll soon hear echoing through our neighborhoods. After all, no Christmas celebration is complete without a festively decorated tree! But that doesn't mean you have to shell out the big bucks on a real or plastic tree. With a little creativity, you can conjure up a gorgeous alternative! Learn more here.

14. Snowflake Window Decorations

When the last of the leaves have been blown from the trees by the icy wind and everything is coated in a white sheet of frost or even snow, it's time to make things cozy inside your own 4 walls. But why stop at the walls? Windows are also great places for decorations, and with this simple idea, you can add some beautiful snowflakes to your view of the winter landscape! Learn more here.

15.–18. | Festive Nail Designs For The Holidays

Christmas markets and festively decorated trees everywhere are currently creating a cozy atmosphere. And you can carry that pre-Christmas feeling with you, in the truest sense of the words, in the form of these 4 nail designs that would even make Mrs. Claus jealous! Learn more here.

19. Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree

On cold, dark December days, the bright and flashing lights from decorations in people's windows and gardens is the main thing that awakens the Christmas spirit in us. To show your neighbors that you can hardly wait until Christmas comes, this DIY craft is the way to go! Learn more here.

20.–25. | Table Setting Ideas For Christmas

Want to wow your guests this Christmas? Let's start by laying the table! These adorably festive table settings will not only earn you major bragging rights, they'll also ensure that you host Christmas dinner every year from here on out. Learn more here.

We can hardly wait to decorate our dining rooms, windows, front yards, and nails with these fun & festive designs!


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