8 Great DIY Furniture Pieces To Diversify Your Home

A personal touch is just as important to a home as modern kitchen appliances or a classy crown molding – after all, have you ever seen an episode of House Hunters that didn't mention all of the above? To make your home truly stand out from the crowd, and to ensure you don't have the same cookie cutter designs as everyone else on the block, check out these 8 great ideas to take your furniture to a whole new level.

1. Mosaic Table

This little IKEA table, or variations of it, can be found in many homes, but it looks so generic when everyone has the same thing, right? Here is another chic and simple idea for making a true gem that looks great and requires hardly any material: a one-of-a-kind mosaic table! And the best part about it? You'll get rid of a couple of your old CDs in the process. Learn more here.

2. Concrete Stool

Making your own stool or side table doesn't take much — all you need is a bucket, three dowel rods, and some concrete. Does that sound a bit too easy? Well, it's not! It's a simple process and you can try out all sorts of different styles and heights to create a unique piece of furniture for your home! Learn more here.

3. Photo Collage Table

Usually we hang our favorite photographs on the wall, but that's not the only place where they'll look good.  A brilliant place to display some of your best memories is a coffee table with a homemade tabletop and your house guests will be excited to see if they've made the cut! Learn more here.

4. Fork Coat Rack

Knives, forks, scissors — these are all things you want to keep out the reach of small children. But with a bit of effort you can turn sharp things that children shouldn't touch into a unique piece of homemade furniture — well, when it comes to the forks anyway. See for yourself how to craft some cutlery into a coat rack. Learn more here.

5. Glow-In-The-Dark Table

A table is a really simple piece of furniture, consisting of a flat surface supported on four legs. If you want to liven up this simplicity, then the following DIY project is exactly the one for you. It doesn't just add a stunning visual feature, but adds a particular effect that's only visible in the dark! Learn more here.

6. Tire Seats

Whether it's for a family get-together, your next garden party, or just as a fun arts and crafts project, making your own tire seats is a great way to spend the afternoon. If you have old tires on hand, you can easily build yourself a few nice outdoor seats. They also make great storage spaces! Learn more here.

7. Homemade Wooden Coat Rack

If you're starting to run out of fun summer projects, this cozy idea will help you stave off boredom and create something practical at the same time. You can't help but admire something you've made with your own hands, and what's more, it's something sustainable that you can use time and time again! Learn more here.

8. Planter Table

Everybody knows the small, square side table sold at IKEA. As chic and inexpensive as that table may be, it's also endlessly dull. But this can easily be changed in just four steps, using a little plastic wrap and soil, and you'll have your own beautiful planter table in no time! Because after all, why should your green thumb be restricted to the garden outside? Learn more here.

Repurpose your boring furniture or make new furniture out of old objects – with these 8 home hacks, your interior design will definitely be unique and special.


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